How to Beat Fear: Overcome the Overwhelm of Launching Your Creative Business

Let's grab a virtual glass of wine (or a real one, no judgement) and talk about fear. It's so easy to freeze when fear is whispering in your ear. Those thoughts we have can stunt our growth and paralyze our progress. The more frustrating part is that while we may not be taking the best action, those dreams never leave us. We never stop planning for our lives as if we've achieved those goals. What fear does is turn those feelings of doubt into resentment and jealousy. Today, we're going to get off of that dangerous hamster wheel. But, in order to do so, we've got to real about fear. But, don't worry. We're not going to have a therapy session that will make you feel worse. Nope! We're going to acknowledge these doubtful thoughts as totally normal and then we're going to talk about overcoming said thoughts and taking action. Let's chat, shall we? Press play and let's go! Whew! We had some real talk, didn't we! This is one of my most-watched live video replays. Now that you're feeling less doubtful and more powerful, let's take some action. Click the photo below to grab the freebie I mentioned in the video and start building your dreams.

To your success, Eryn 

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