A Stroll Down Memory Lane: My Favorite DIYs Thus Far

Wowza! I have come a long way with my personal style and I really have sewing to thank for that. Throughout this ongoing journey, I've been able to create pieces that flatter my body with colors and textures that I love. And I very clearly cannot keep a hairstyle to save my life! :) At the close of 2015, I'd seen so many other bloggers do a compilation of their favorite looks that I really enjoyed reading. For some random reason, I did not do one of my own, so now I am taking that time to do so! And it's only right that I do this post is on Throwback Thursday! So, I'm going to share, in no particular order, my favorite looks that posted on the blog. Many of these I've worn tons of times and have proudly mixed and matched into my wardrobe. For the more formal stuff, I'm just waiting on an open-bar wedding invitation. Anybody getting married soon? Sewing is such a huge part of my life. It has done so much for my discipline, focus, creativity, and I really believe it's the reason I still have a huge sense of self, especially after becoming a mom. It's the one thing I don't have to share and I can just be me. Looking back at these photos and especially those I've taken of my sewing studio, I'd love to put these in a photo book. To say I'm proud of the evolution of my skill and personal style because of what sewing has done for me, would be quite the understatement! Enjoy these throwbacks by clicking the picture and going straight to that blog post!

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