Date Night Striped Dress

  Striped Knit Dress This dress escaped several purges as well. I'd actually bought it when I was pregnant as motivation to get back down to my pre-baby body so I can strut in it. Well, it came to me that this was a silly resolution. If it fits me properly, wear it! Why am I waiting for this ideal to wear a dress? What's wrong with my body now? Not a damn thing! So, I'm rocking it! Striped Knit Dress I finally pulled it out of my closet to strut in and strut, I did! This dress came with those dreadful fabric belt loops and a red skinny belt. Good gravy, I hate those fabric belt loops. I always cut them out of my clothing. Striped Knit Dress I ditched the skinny belt for this look and just rocked the dress. It's probably a ponte knit so it's very comfy and feels lovely on the skin. You've probably noticed I haven't mentioned where I got it, well that's because I don't remember. Eek! But, I did find something similar here. Oh, I have a few more sewing tutorials coming up that I'll be posting soon. I'll be posting them here, but they'll be on my YouTube channel. Make sure to subscribe and say "Hi"! Striped Knit Dress Striped Knit Dress Striped Knit Dress

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