DIY Cardigan // Annie Pattern by Mimi G. Style

Happy Thursday! Today's post is out of season, but I had to post it. Just like in my last post, I realized that it wasn't going to be cold much longer and I had to crank out one last piece from the winter. I chose the Annie Cardigan from Mimi G. as that piece. Let me tell you, this fabric went through so many mind-changes. It was originally supposed to be a coat, but then the weather warmed up a bit. Then, it was going to be a lined dress. Nope, changed my mind again. So, when I saw the Annie, I knew I'd found my perfect match. I live in cardigans throughout the year because my office is always cold. So, I knew this would definitely get some wear in some form or fashion. The pattern was super easy to make. Although it's designed for a knit, I used a boucle and lined it with a polyester. Now, this pattern is not designed to be lined. I just added it because the boucle was itchy. And my boucle fabric is from Gorgeous Fabrics which is now closed, so it's no longer available. As I was coming close to finishing, I noticed that the boucle was unraveling along some of the stitching lines. But, I'd already secured the lining. FML. So, I didn't bother installing the buttons because I knew I wouldn't be getting many wears before the fabric unraveling became unsightly. But, this pattern is a wardrobe staple that can be made in neutral solids, and fun prints, or solid textures. This one is a must-have for wardrobe building, so I am definitely going to choose better fabric and make this one again. Seen you in the next post!

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