The Purge: How I Keep a Functioning Wardrobe

IMG_1930 (Don't judge my closet! *wags finger*)

Yep, it's that time again!

I purge my closet frequently - about 4 times a year. Usually, at the turn of a season, I go through my closet to select which items will be donated, altered, or trashed. (We're not even going to cover my husband's side of the closet in the left side! Ugh.) I love to purge because it really allows me to assess my spending. I ask myself several questions when purging which help me to decide if I'll keep the item or get rid of it.
  • Do I love it? This is the first question I ask myself about an item because I have to love it to wear it. I can have a closet full of stuff, but if I don't love it, I won't wear it. Or, it'll be a backup outfit which doesn't make me have that pep in my step. No matter whether I'm in a dress or ripped boyfriends jeans and Converse, I have to love it or I won't wear it.
  • Does it fit? This is an easy question to answer, yet the hardest answer to come to grips with! Gah! This is my struggle. There are a couple of pairs of denim I have that haven't fit me in a couple of years, even before I got pregnant. Since I haven't let go of them the past few purges, it's time for them to Rest In Peace.
  • Does it need altering? Body changes happen! If I still love the item and it needs to be altered, I alter it or take it to a tailor.
  • Is it damaged, or dingy? If it's damaged or dingy, I toss it. No questions asked.
  • Can it be styled in a way I've never worn it? I love finding a new way to style a piece I already own. Gosh, that makes me happier than shopping itself! I really think it validates the value of a purchase when a piece can be worn multiple ways within my wardrobe. Win! This also includes using my sewing machine to re-purpose an item.
  • Does it work with the rest of my wardrobe?  This is a big question that I think people skip when decided when to buy something. If you have a piece that is so unique from what's already in your closet, that's fine. But, if that piece can't be styled with anything else in my closet, I let go of it. It'd cost me more to try to build an outfit around one piece than to work with what I already own.For example, I have a dress that I've had for about 6 years that I've never worn once. I love the dress and it fits, but it's more dance club-y which I don't do. I loved the dress and it fit the other criteria, but it did not fit my lifestyle. Shopping for my  lifestyle is very important to prevent wasteful spending.
  • Have I worn it once since my last purge?  If I have not worn it since my last purge a few months ago and it can be worn within the season, I seriously consider donating it. If I haven't worn it in a few months, then I don't love it and it's taking up space.
You can see from my purge frequency that I have no desire to have an overflow of clothing. My reality is that I always reach for what I love. I don't feel as good in something I just tolerate in my closet. It sits there unworn, taking up space, and bothering the crap out of me. So, out it goes. I let it bless someone else's closet.

Purging Drawer Space

While I've gotten my closet purging down to a science, my drawer space is a whole other animal. I really don't even know what's in there! This week, I purged my side of the dresser and I had a little helper! (By helper I mean mixing up my piles!) IMG_1906 I was able to clear out at least half of the items in my drawers. I'd started with three stuffed to the brim drawers and I'm down to the equivalent of one drawer!


Mission: Purge the Dresser - Success!

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