Brightech Lightview Pro 2-N-1 LED Lamp Review

Brightech Lightview Pro 2-N-1 LED Lamp Review

Hey there!

Today, I've partnered with Brightech to bring my thoughts on their magnifying lamps. I chose the Lightview Pro 2-N-1 to review because of the versatile option of using either the table top or the floor lamp version for my reading and such.

I'll be 37 this year and my eyeballs are starting to feel the strain of our digital lifestyle. I have an eyeglass rx in my purse that I have yet to fill for the last 6 months, so I know that I need all the help I can get with lighting! lol

Anywho, I thought this lamp was very interesting and my experience with it wasn't quite what I expected it to be.

Take a look at the video and check out my thoughts on the Brightech Lightview Pro lamp. Use my link to automatically save 10% off of any purchase on the Brightech Amazon store!

xo, Eryn

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