The Super Scissors That Blew Me Away!

The Super Scissors That Blew Me Away!

Today, I'm teaming up with Evergreen Art Supply to talk about a couple of their cutting tools that would be great for sewers like you and I. In full disclosure, I was provided the items without the obligation of doing a review. But, I was so blown away by the quality, weight, accuracy and power of these tools that I had to share in a video review.

If you like to work with thicker fabrics, especially now that fall will be upon on soon, you know that your wrists can take a pounding when cutting yards and yards of heavy weight denims, leathers, wool fabrics, and even upholstery fabrics if you're in that side of the craft.

My wrists haven't been the same since my time in the military, so this is something that effects me in cooler weather. Evergreen Art Supply has a really cool story on how they came to be which I think is super important when it comes to their products. I chat about that in this short video, so check them out!

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