DIY Hooded Sweater Dress // DIY Hood Tutorial

DIY Hooded Sweater Dress // DIY Hood Tutorial

Hey there! I've been wanting to make this dress for a while. But, since I'm super indecisive about my sewing, it got put off and put off until I finally realizing that cool weather was winding down and Spring was on its way.

I completely self drafted this dress from my knit body block to create this look. If you want to break into self-drafting your own pieces, starting out with a well-fitted block is the way to go! You can watch the free class here.

I also self-drafted my hood (tutorial below) to give this dress a bit more flair and make it even more my flavor. I used a gray ponte knit that has been in my stash for a while. I have lots more of it, so you're going to see this fabric as I go through making more neutral-colored pieces.

Originally, I wanted a long sleeve version, but now that the weather is warming up, I drafted a sleeveless version that will carry me through spring. I'm also glad that I made it sleeveless because it looks better layered since it's a solid color. Of course, I layered it with my favorite (and only) denim jacket.

So that it's not too bland, I wore my new favorite animal print loafers that my Trunk Club stylist chose for me. These are so comfortable that I feel like I'm walking on air.

You're definitely going to be seeing more everyday looks because this is how I dress in real life. In an effort to be less wasteful with my time and be more purposeful in my sewing and wardrobe-building efforts, I am creating quality pieces that I KNOW will get some heavy wear.

Here's the tutorial for the hood! 



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