DIY Tutorial: Box Pleated Skirt With Pockets

DIY Tutorial: Box Pleated Skirt With Pockets

Tutorial: here | Fabric: here

You wanted it? You've got it!

Thank you for your support and sharing of my Box Pleated Skirt tutorial. I've been requested many times to one-up that tutorial and make one to include pockets and an easier way to do the math to achieve side pockets. Because, who doesn't want pockets?!

With this tutorial, you can create variations of many different pleat sizes and skirts length to really make this skirt your own! Who doesn't like versatility? As always, my method of teaching is clear, concise, and simple.

I've created a video tutorial walking you through step-by-step in creating a box pleated skirt with pockets. I even walk step by step through the math with real numbers for a full visual of how to do the math.

You may enroll is that workshop here!

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